Recap of June 16 Cincinnati Spark Meetup

by Curt Kohler & Darin McBeath

At this month's Cincinnati Spark Meetup, Doug Needham from Illumination Works presented some background on graph theory and then we dug into the some code examples using the Spark GraphX library. There were a lot of great examples, discussion and interest in graphs. After the presentation we reviewed some of the highlights from the recent Spark 1.4 release (SparkR), reflected on some of the announcements from Spark Summit West, and had a question & answer session for the edX course Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark that many members are taking. 

The Meetup continues to increase in popularity. After only 5 months we have grown to include over 90 members that want to learn more about the open-source cluster computing platform. The June 16th Meetup had about 25 attendees and we already have presenters lined up to discuss SparkR at the next Meetup -- targeted for late August. It is exciting to be a part of such a vibrant community where the members contribute and want to learn about Spark.